The Zuppies, as they are affectionately called, are the three little rascals who live in the Hill House. Often thought to be one entity, the Zuppies are actually three separate dogs called Zoe, Zack, and Zelda. They are owned by Melissa Thomas-Hunt (Principal, Brown College). If you're lucky, you can catch a glimpse of them walking around the McGuffy Green and the Hill area.

Zoe, Zack and Zelda are triplet terrier-mut-angels, all from the same litter and all rescued at the same time. They are approximately four years old, as of 2017. They have grey fur and big, brown eyes which pierce into your soul. They can easily be distinguished by physical characteristics: Zoe's fur is dark with gold specks; Zack's fur is light grey; Zelda's fur is almost black.

Personality-wise, the Zuppies are always excited to meet new people. They are conditioned to think they are the only animals in the world and therefore hate other dogs. They're also prone to chasing squirrels. If you have snacks, you are automatically their favorite human.

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