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Rena cradling Pikajesus, patron god of smooth jazz and cuddling.

Possibly one of the loudest people currently living in Brown. 9/10. Currently resident of Rogers. Anti-Bepis. Pro-gin. Weeb. Part of The Unholy Trinity. Definitely a virgin. Finally got on GovBoard as a Hauntings Co-chair and then became Shama!!!!

Publicly announced herself as a furry when she expressed her attraction to Nick Wilde after watching Zootopia. Also weirdly obsessed with eggs (fried AND fertilized).

Often found making rice in her room at ungodly hours of the morning, lurking in Tucker, or picking fights with her son, Joni Crawford, literally anywhere. Left artwork on the wall of the bathroom of 338 Holmes and is known for having claws.

Writes questionable articles for the Health & Science section of the Cavalier Daily. Resident collector of Juuls #IJuulYou

Brown's resident sword girl

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