A true icon.

Katherine Olivia Shaffer. Resident of Holmes. AKA Krate Shafter, Swamo Hah, Baeffer, reverse cougar and that girl that hangs out with alumni and people that should've graduated.

She's well known for being obsessed with sports, being a cinephile who knows too much about obscure-ass movies, and holding beer bottles and cans between her breasticles. A not-so-secret weeb, she actually spent money on a onesie featuring a One Piece character.

She absorbs culture and boy crushes like a spongeboy. What a nasty woman, am I right ladies? A former Anti-Quad portal rep and Hauntings Co-chair who knows how to fuck shit up with spooky scary skeletons. She then became Media and is now the Grand Pube-ah!

Patient zero of the third strain of the Brown Mono Plague. Rumor has it that she contracted it at a retirement home... (see: Reverse Cougar)


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