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Jobi and her beloved Bepis (her father Irena is pictued in the background, actually doing work). Photo credit to Charlotte.

Lover and promoter of the official soda of Brown College, Bepis. Former dabbing member of Virginia Women's Chorus. Social co-chair. Current resident of Holmes, where the heart is. Part of The Unholy Trinity. Child of Irena Kesselring and Gabby Carper.

Her arrival is announced by the sound of flip flops slapping against concrete (they have built-in bottle openers on the soles if you didn't know). Lovable hell-spawn of Jimmy Buffet who holds Margarita Day festivities.

Found either sleeping in her room or putting on K-pop music videos in Tucker. Will make you lip-sync for your life to watch Drag Race on Thursday nights.

Rumored to be the elusive Bepis Fairy.

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