"Invisibrownie" is a term coined by Brownies of Brown's past to describe the immense amount of residents in Brown College that never participate in Brown activities. It's a combination of the words invisible and brownie because it's basically brownies who might as well be invisible with how often you see them. These people are often New Upperclassmen Brownies who either moved into Brown solely for its location and single rooms, or were placed into Brown by HRL without any idea about what Brown is. It's usually used with a negative connotation because the best part of Brown is its community, and invisibrownies don't take the time to contribute to or appreciate it. To many, invisibrownies are a waste of a room that someone who would participate in Brown activities could live in. A constant, unattainable goal of Brown is to have as few invisibrownies as possible so that eventually everyone living in Brown participates in some way.


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