The Gildergreen (/GIHL-duhr-green/) is one of the three portal groups in Brown College. It consists of Harrison, McGuffey, Gildersleeve, and Venable. Gildergreen is also the name of the outdoor area in front of these portals: one should do their best to not get these confused. The name of this patch of sad grass serves as the namesake for the Gildergreen Tree in Whiterun, a fictional city in the game Skyrim. The Cave of Wonders can be found in the tunnels between Harrison and McGuffey, and the Laundry room can be found in the tunnels below Gildersleeve. The Gildergreen is known for having the most first year residents, with the exception of Venable.

During the Tape Wars of 2012-2013, The Gildergreen briefly seceded from the rest of Brown College. After a period of espionage and armed strife, it was rejoined to the greater Brown College body by successful peace negotiations.

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