An FYL, or First Year Liaison, is a GovBoard Co-Chairship traditionally held by one person, but in 2002 the position opened to two people and the name changed to Welcome Wagon. In 2005 GovBoard added another chair and returned to the original title, making the current 3-person team we know and love today!!!

In the spring of 2016 the name of this position was changed to New Brownie Liaison, or NBL.


  • Liaising
  • Mismanaging Money

Previous New Brownie Liasons

2018-2019: Zada Hall, Alison Goldstein, Cabell Eggleston

2017-2018: Sydney Branham, Katya Sankow, Tyler Hinkle

Previous First Year Liaisons

2016-2017: Gabrielle Carper, Eddie Rossi, Harpreet Singh

2015-2016: Gabrielle Carper, Kelly Strauch, Brian Walter

2014-2015: Elizabeth Ballou, Fredrick Short, Brian Walter

2013-2014: Natasha Butler, Laine Heidman, Fredrick Short

2012-2013: Alex Aberman, Laine Heidman, Pamela Pack

2011-2012: Sam Carrigan, Roy Hanna, Pamela Pack

2010-2011: Natalie Roper, Noah Grabeel, Bradford Slocum

2009-2010: Charlotte Bush, Brielin Brown, Taylor Koerner

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