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Austin Root was a resident of Brown College from 2011-2013. On Govboard he served as a Quad Portal Representative (for Mallet) his first year, a Membership Cochair his second year, and as Grand Poobah in the Fall of 2013. During his first, second, and first-third year at the University he was known for driving UTS buses, acting in Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow casts, being a member of The Washington Literary Society and Debating Union, and showing his member often to the residents of Brown as he was naked frequently due to his loves of streaking and Sexy Jenga.

He took some time off school to valiantly serve our country as a medic in Qatar and became the "hippie rascal" of his National Guard unit. (Rumor has it that alumni Tom Crossland and Jay Fuhrman often steal his valor for him in an attempt to get him free drinks and lots of pussy.) He returned from his deployment in the summer of 2016 and resumed school at UVA in the fall of the same year. For his second-third year at UVA he has stayed active in the Brown community acting as an Alumni Advisor while living in The Roost with alum and grad student Patrick Steiner. He has also continued active participation in the Wash and Rocky Horror.

He is rumored to have the best ass in Brown College but seems to be facing some competition from Kean Finucane. This debate is on-going and contentious.

Known for: Creating Mega Bed, Flick Cup, cross dressing, being featured in the infamous Brown Burn Book, and Poon Raking.

Popular phrases: Yolo, swipe me out! PAM! and Right Meow!

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